Be sure to be a comprehensive solution to the site defects to reduce access pressure spider love Sha

misleading spider

analysis methods IIS log diversity, and trust in your webmaster not unfamiliar, but now is not the author introduce how to analyze IIS log, but want to share with you what website weaknesses make love Shanghai spiders access pressure change. Well, say no more nonsense, get down to business now.

I suggest, if the owners have the ability to produce their own site map will produce their own, after all, you will be more familiar with your site than some tools; if you make out, then choose some authoritative tool to produce, such as love, the webmaster Webmaster Tools > Shanghai

: there has not been a defect site reasonable processing dead link

website optimization work is divided into many blocks: chain, chain, content editing, data analysis and so on, the analysis of IIS log is also one of the work. The ultimate goal of IIS log analysis is the observation of crawling spiders in Shanghai love the site every day, and through observation summed up the deficiencies, and finally make corresponding solutions, in order to make the website optimization work more perfect.

site map making and website optimization must do a work site map if doing well, there will be conducive to the spider to crawl and index the web site. But many owners do not pay much attention to this work, usually choose some less reliable gadgets to make the site map, lead to some errors, finally let the love of spiders in Shanghai lost in the website "".

defect site map

is a dead link to the spider is very unfriendly, dead link is generally generated due to the site after revision or change the domain name without the timely processing of old links, there are a lot of dead links, will lead to love Shanghai spider on the site with high pressure. You can imagine, every time the spider love Shanghai jubilant came to your website crawling links, but one after another encounter some way dead links, repeated cases continue to emerge, finally let the spider don’t trust your site, and then also have a web site is not included the results.

[2] the dead link is also a commonly used method, specific methods must be decided according to your web server, of course, the premise is not too large number of Web site links to death under the condition of taking this approach if the quantity is too much, it is not so with the redirection of user experience.


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& & solution:

[1] love Shanghai Webmaster Platform has now launched a program called "the service function of dead links, we submit the webmaster should pay attention to this service, the dead link website which useless and redundant to love Shanghai, love Shanghai spiders and realize that the links are dead and do not have to go to crawling.

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