A registered trademark of the old station was out of the reason

until some time ago, a Guangzhou registered trademark for the old station key is down right, is hard to drop right. From then on, I suddenly became a good webmaster. The Guangzhou trademark is an old station, the optimization time is long, the optimization for so long, has been ranked very well, but why an old site will be pushed down the new station. Here I give you talk about the Guangzhou trademark registration network was eliminated, give us some reference for.


, website content quality variation

like many webmaster, in website launch, with the ranking of the desire to go to the original article desperately trying to ingratiate himself with the spider. But over time, then the passion I believe will be pass, the original quality gradually becomes low, then is a direct pseudo original. Until the end, because the job is busy, the site into a single collection station. The new station, like I just accept the registration of a trademark owners or a lot, they just took over the site, in order to improve the ranking, to go to the original article, so the website rankings are up, and because the Guangzhou trademark is the net acquisition of the content and nature will be drop right. We can through the 贵族宝贝sbzcw.net analysis, this website can be found in the above mentioned here, the website content quality is very poor, and most of the content is collected, should believe that this is the direct reason of website to be eliminated.

trademark registration website began operating in the early, there was no chain of so-called judgment standard, the construction of the chain of nature is not to what correlation is not related to the chain of high quality is not high, so many days and months multiplying the number of the chain, and in the original ranking is indeed very good, but with the the introduction of the chain algorithm in succession, the chain became a scourge. Although the chain refused tools introduced, but because the number of the chain too much, and truly meet the quality standard of the chain, few believe that. Therefore, I hope through this network registered trademark is failed, the webmaster an alert.

two, not related to the chain

believes that the website ranking drop, even the website is K is a process to go through most of the webmaster. Some people even said that was not the webmaster K is not a good webmaster. But the author I could really do not deserve a good webmaster, in two years, although the hands of the website ranking of ups and downs, but are unlikely to change. Today out of a few, may come back by tomorrow.

> unable to adhere to This is because the

because of the trademark registration in Guangzhou has always been the lack of network management, therefore, optimization are not taken seriously. Website optimization scheme has not to change, that is what the past. Shanghai dragon continues to mature, still use the previous way to optimize, so natural search engine will be eliminated.

three, on

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