Analysis of word segmentation and noble love Shanghai baby stem technology

Look at the following

he will put the word as a word matching, the snapshot is marked on, and then search the love inside Shanghai: Apple tore, see figure


Shanghai dragon knows noble baby stem technology and love Shanghai word, about his careful explanation of love Shanghai baby or noble can find many, this is not to say, today is said about how that noble baby stem technology and 100 segmentation technology. I just according to some small experience, hope you can better understand the difference between stem technology and segmentation technology, in the future to help optimize. I believe Shanghai dragon Er have used noble baby administrator tools, look at the pictures in my blog: for example,

love Shanghai word segmentation technology, or to experiment, in search of love inside Shanghai: apple not tore my blog, click the love Shanghai snapshot, as shown below:

you will see list of nobility baby Administrator Tool background some search keywords, you will find a "tear" word search volume is relatively large, and in fact my blog and the Related words only "apple not tore" this word, but he is not to put this thought into a word, but a part of the sentence, in fact there have been a lot of progress in the noble baby, just entering the market is more Chinese joke, it can be seen from the figure he can probably understand the phrase, but there are still a few will not clear, for example: apple not tore, with fewer people, he we are confused, in contrast to the accuracy English page the higher nobility baby, a few days ago in the very small things the teacher knows a latent semantic search, you can have time to ponder.

Shanghai will put this love is not a complete automatic word matching, and in the snapshot with different colors marked, he will search to match the words on the page, the highest correlation page he will give higher weights, so it has the advantage of ranking. It can be compared, love Shanghai segmentation technology is more suitable for Chinese search habits, but the technology update nobility baby relatively quickly, if the implicit semantic search is mature, should be more suitable for people to search, but I think the data base in order to need a relatively large search used to accomplish such a task, so a short period of time estimation is not used I hope that as soon as possible.

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