And the love of Shanghai deal to the webmaster to hold live

three, professional terms – love Shanghai Encyclopedia

two, long tail keywords – love Shanghai know

four, increase the chain – love the experience of Shanghai


for an industry website, long tail keywords bring traffic is very accurate, but also more targeted, more targeted, the conversion rate is very high, which is very good for the website, do not know if you have not found the mining the long tail keywords and obtain a secret way of ranking, Shanghai knows that is love love Shanghai, clever use of the search box, love Shanghai related search, can obtain precise long tail keywords, and then make good use of the love of Shanghai know, website can get good rankings, as shown below:


site has more than more than 30, including recruitment, chinahr贵族宝贝, 51job large-scale recruitment website, as shown in the figure: regional industry website, Shanghai ranked first love development platform, to bring traffic every day is very impressive, of course for the website brand promotion also plays a role.

love Shanghai data open platform, mainly for the website recruitment industry, since the official opening, love Shanghai included recruitment

love the Shanghai encyclopedia believe that every webmaster have committed weight also to its eyes and ears to see, in Shanghai, noble love baby, Sogou, search and other search engines have very high weight, rankings are basically several top, but also in the "extended reading" or "reference" can be added to the URL of the website, the website is not only inherited a certain weight, it will bring some traffic, improve visibility.

as a Shanghai dragon Er we all want your website to get love Shanghai popular search engine, website ranking, flow, included, is our webmaster dreams, and for a just on the line of the new station, not included, no weight, all for the 0, how in the shortest possible time in the website to sell love Shanghai, this is a big headache, change an angle to think, why don’t we use their own coin, which is not only a good impression of effort, to the search engine, can also improve website ranking, increase traffic, Why not? Today? And talk about how to love, the clever use of Shanghai’s own products in order to achieve the best promotion effect.

believes that the chain resources of every network promotion needs high quality, love Shanghai experience is a new platform for love Shanghai launched in 2010, launched a new platform for the construction of the chain, first love Shanghai love Shanghai – as can be imagined experience weight weight their products are very high, the natural ranking is also very good, and love the experience of Shanghai through the audit probability is relatively large, as long as you can share articles, basically.


, a drainage – love Shanghai development platform

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