Given the success of the details how to place the blog Tag Optimization

can not add more than one column or a column labeled

obviously, verb and adjective is not a good way to carry on the localization to the content of the description of the contents of the article, is to tell the readers that the content is about what the term will convey this concept clear. Such as "four skills" website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization need to follow, labels can be a very clear description of Shanghai dragon skills or how to optimize the site optimization, these are descriptive terms small talk.

The importance of

blog tag has needless to say, then the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team (贵族宝贝yuehuai贵族宝贝/ Shanghai dragon zhenduan/) and to explore together how to optimize the good will of blog tag.

do not give the label classification so simple, then take the post title for example, "four skills" website optimization Shanghai dragon has to follow, belongs to the content of this article is to optimize the class, but our paper label cannot be set to "optimize", "promotion" is so simple, so China is not universal desirable, they must be refined, just stand in the users search habits to think it can be concluded that no one to love Shanghai search "optimization", "promotion" of the word.

blog tag, tag is to give us the content itself is more accurate, should be based on this point to analyze our label. Now the article has column classification, generally speaking, we can label set as: column name + descriptive keywords, in certain words, the content of positioning more refined the better, of course, the core keyword label must show the content of the article.

tag, just as the column name tag, such as an article I hope to return to the "· · family; life; emotion" under this section, the "· · family; life; emotion" as a label, that is, things, but it is difficult to accurate positioning of the label is other people to share, search is also negative, so that the actual label > Add

The noun " The general form of

blog tagFirst, we define

Some bloggers in the for descriptive noun tag

blog tag is a habit we blog when the most basic to our article are much easier to search users, also facilitate users to access, in addition, Google is also love Shanghai to search blog tag. However, small or found, after a lot of bloggers in the hard to finish up a big long article, often add on the label does not pay much attention in writing on the label, there is still a lot of problems. The article finally completed, if the last three to five of the tags are not optimized in place, it is not worth it.

" is not available for China label

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