Command the four search engines must master


< > command

. My website has 75 links.

four: inurl

is contained in the query path. This query is very easy to use. For example, I want to check all contain the BBS forum website. Inurl:bbs

related domain query instruction. We usually call the check chain. Query link address on the Internet of information.

three: intitle


query. For example, we query a title which contains "excavator". Input   intitle:

we do Shanghai dragon. We must master the most commonly used search engine instruction. The reasonable instruction can improve our search efficiency, and through the instruction we can acquire more resources. For example, we need to find some related site ah, can find some outreach forums, blog platform. Can be accomplished through instruction, so I come to tell you the four most commonly used.

. Big difference. Use the command out of the results is very accurate, to show us the full title and description contains " the " excavator. Direct search out. It contains the love Shanghai encyclopedia, Shanghai love this picture. The love one, look at your personal needs. But you know, this instruction is query contains the title information.


results are not the same. The domain name contains sub domain name. Site is just an estimate. The result is only for reference, accurate to see the sea love index instrument.

two: domain

For example, we

we can see all the website title and description contains the keywords "excavator". The direct search it and what is the difference?

: Seite

The usage of the

site instruction is one of the most familiar and most commonly used. Used to query their own web site index

We can see the

site:xxx贵族宝贝       (domain name query we);       site:www.xxx贵族宝贝   (query with WWW sub domain)

commandWe collected the title

query "which website contains our website to check. This is the relevant domain. But it is not accurate. We send out a chain if included can be found out by domain. But the anchor text links we send is checked out. Can you find the link address.

excavator We can see the The

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