How to track webmaster site outside the chain

2, the chain has the skill.

domain command to query the number of the chain is wise, of course, the chain chain is brought about by the query is not, but the number of friends of the chain you are clear, there is no need to care about.

Shanghai dragon, the millennium change theory is "content is king, the chain for the emperor". So the construction and tracking of the chain is very important, only tracking inspection outside the chain, can be summed up to the release of the chain quantity and effect. The construction of the chain we are not here to say, there are many A5 webmaster about the release of the chain skills, here we introduce how to check the number of the chain, the chain tracking.


inquires the chain selection domain command.


we released a lot of BBS signature of the chain, and we need some screening after the release included a good forum. So how do you know that the forum with a signature release effect is good? Can be ordered through the domain domain name: inurl: (space) domain, so that you can check every signature of the forum included the effect, and help you to give up some included slow, difficult collection forum. Figure:

chain is to optimize, and we Shanghai dragon Er outside the chain but also the pursuit of efficiency, issued a press release to reprint more than 10 times, then we have more than 10 chain. How to check our press release to reprint and the number of included? Domain: domain name (space) intitle: news headlines, so you can get to how many people reprint your article and take the URL, this method can test what site loading rate is relatively high, can be selected the article publishing platform. Figure:


3, how to check the tracking chain.

we do domestic products or services, then only choose to love Shanghai this search engine, so if the query chain, or use the domain command to better, other domestic and foreign chain query tool it is with the chain number too horrible to look at, we collected thousands of miles away from the actual. After all, other tools are independent crawling many websites, the chain number and access rules, these spiders crawling and certainly not the same love Shanghai.


We all know that

chain style: www. Yuming. Com

is related to the domain command to check the domain that contains the URL ". Here was a revelation to us, when we released the chain with URL, the number of related domain then we domain out of the chain number and not much difference between us. The "anchor text" in the form of +url chain, the number of which can be obtained from the domain command to the outside of the chain.

only you tracking you >

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