One of the basic skills of website optimization data analysis

for the webmaster, data analysis is a big project, but an analysis of the site can not be ignored is healthy, whether there is the basic operation breakthrough space. Normally, so the website data are displayed by the statistical tools, and this requires owners to use statistical tools to effectively analyze the data carefully. Data analysis is a very boring thing, but it is also able to reflect the operating conditions of the site as a whole so that the analysis is in the operation of the site owners have learned data. Today I want to talk about what data analysis method:

can see through the above website, the ultimate goal of group where, so we will have to host the stable for these places do the necessary work. We all know that the network in different places, access speed is different, then you can see.

. Stay on the site by analyzing each time the user how much of the time, according to a time the total number of users and the total access time can be calculated during this period of time the average residence time is the number of users. So the number of users all day together, and the total length of visit can see how their website user experience, as well as their net bounce rate is high. General user access time is long, the site had a good user experience, natural website jump out rate is reduced. So, for the analysis of the access time can be effectively summed up the website bounce rate, average user browsing the page. Of course, this function with some statistical tools, but he just according to the available data, then we should be more careful. Because of the clear analysis of user access time, can be a good combination of website to enhance the user experience.


The second is the long visit to

is the last visitor details. Through this case it is easily ignored by the webmaster, the reason is not only for the website what effect. But after the analysis, this is also a key point. Figure:


first visit background. We all know that by viewing the daily search engine keyword antecedents, source domain, the source can be seen roughly when the website is entering the website by what way, so they can make themselves more targeted promotion. But just tell the promotion from a very important information that is never in road excavation sites of potential users, as long as one more effort and a lot of natural potential users will be excavated out. Of course of origin can also be seen in the web site in the search engine rankings, general search engine in three pages later, basically not what flow. This is the user search habits. Because a few users will query keywords to turn pages, browse up front three pages without additional keyword query. So, the background is the site of the potential users of mining, web site keywords ranking a sum function.

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