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The first half of this year

so rapid growth, it is inevitable that people produce a conjecture: the new three board film and television company will counter attack the motherboard, the birth of the next light Huayi? The answer may be cruel, not

motherboard film and television company "Fengyun changes": new boss

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the first half of 2016 24 billion 686 million domestic box office and the growth rate of 21.2% for all to feel the film industry collective weakness, but the entertainment capital but by comparison, the film industry in 2016 non deduction of the top ten listed companies net profit compared to last year, the main business is to make money, the average non deduction net profit reached 294 million, while net non recurring net profit before only 155 million, if the deduction of non net profit is lower, which can imagine the deduction of non net profit growth rate.

four, advertisers direct advertising,

no contrast, no harm, in the big changes in the film and television industry, the data tell you many secrets, but there are many truths have not been revealed.

is a new board because most enterprises do not have uneven in quality, growth based so; two is the number of high-quality enterprises started to head "from the new three board, they or via the IPO form, or through mergers and acquisitions of listed companies, is slowly near to the motherboard.

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well, that’s my little idea of how to make money on my personal website. I hope it will be an inspiration for beginners.

on personal Adsense, or personal website how to make money, is the current Internet webmaster circle more popular topic. I am not a very successful webmaster, because my site is not high income avoid AD suspect is not posted URL, but after two or three years of experience in the station, but also a little experience.

1, website access

this is more important, when your site has a certain amount of access, the premise is related to what type of website, the income level is different. For example, a virtual host, information sites and a novel station, if the two sites access the same amount of basic, then the former income is considerable.

the latest reported data show that Huayi deduction of non net profit of 69 million, compared to 201 million in the first half of 2015 is less than 1/3; Tak television toting The Voice of China "and" Fan Bingbing’s acquisition of two topics also failed to save the decline, first half net profit of 45 million non deduction, lack of listed companies ten the average deduction of non profit 1/4.


television companies listed pattern transform speed is amazing: compared with the first half of 2015 or the year 2015, from 3 to buckle the top ten enterprises are undergoing tremendous net profit before.

three, affiliate ad

in 2016 net profit of non deduction of TOP10 ranking in the "Big Mac" Wanda cinema with 7.79 billion, becoming the strongest fully deserve the main business and film company, Huayi Brothers, Tak television, new culture.

when your site has some visits, but when the traffic is not very high, you can choose some advertising alliance advertising to put, although alliance advertising income is relatively low, but at least not wasting your traffic, or have more income.


says about how personal websites make money, I think the most important things are:

and motherboard that "different, the new board in the amidst the winds of change" placid situation, to achieve a rapid growth, the highest is Yang Mi Jiaxing media has achieved more than 4000% growth; the best performance of the Chinese film only six months to reach 128 million of the net profit of non deduction, which is equivalent to last year’s happy twist buckle non net profit.



no matter what station you do, if you don’t have access, you don’t have to think about anything, and 100% of a point is not earned.

The development of

of each site will experience a bottleneck, is the bottleneck of traffic, when you break this bottleneck will have a large number of advertisers to your website to advertise, this time you can have real income, here to remind you, accept the type of advertising advertising business to pay attention to advertising. Don’t pick up some illegal advertising information, otherwise…….

two, the type of site,

the first half of 2016 was predicted for the year of change in the entertainment capital of small and medium-sized companies, schools, contention of a hundred schools of thought means that the traditional corporate power has been weakened, but it weakened to what extent may be worse than you might think

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