For high quality content and low quality content understanding

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for search engines and the content, and all the mass production, the original purpose is to cast a wide net, as far as possible to increase the amount collected, to capture more keywords, but this method is not applicable. But for their users, has not read the collected content is good or bad, did not pass strict screening casually issued. Another point is now the search engine can determine whether your site is very similar to most of the content and a website, or the website all the information on the Internet has a lot of, this will only increase the burden on the database search engine, and will not have any optimization effect.

What is the low quality content of The

sun Kotaku blog as an example, Shanghai Longfeng original content written a lot more than what the Shanghai dragon WHY also very popular, which will certainly involve the knowledge of HTML. When you want to introduce what is < TITLE > tag, rather than directly copied some authority over the content, allowing users to browse more clearly, without wasting time to re write it again not his expertise in the original, so as not to get users to understand.

if a new station, try a small collection of a content to increase the visual effect, and then slowly increased to the original content with each other is also helpful.


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what is the content of high quality

CHINAZ now, ADMIN5, there are a lot of forum…… Most of them are not the original content, most people would be in your own blog, or other website published after submission to there, there is some popular articles directly reproduced website editor. But the website popularity not only decreased, and more and more prosperous, in the weight of search engine is more and more high. What explains this? In my opinion think that at around the theme of the site conditions, provide to users need information on together ", high quality content quality strict checks is valuable.

content of the website is the core of the soul, but also with the search engine algorithm constantly improve, everywhere to promote original content is high quality content, so did the original work? As a webmaster, not editing, are engaged in the management, to play the promotion, how many people even blog can’t write well. To pseudo original, as a direct copy, fully engage in acquisition, more is not feasible. Before the sun Kotaku blog also said "I will not update the site, is not willing to add content, collecting more needless to say". From the scientific point of view, a mission of the birth of the Internet, is the dissemination of information, if all non original ban original content, then the whole network may be back more than half. So what’s the original content, to see the need, sometimes directly copy the content of other sites is very necessary.


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