The site is not included in non full content problems should be balanced development on

web content is not recognized by search engines there is such a reason, the keyword is the site of the excessive accumulation of excessive accumulation of the keyword of the website search engine spiders in Web crawl crawl to almost as like as two peas keywords, thus causing a bad impression for the website, search engine will think this is a spam sites will not be accepted, so the content is wasted, emergence of this situation is the best solution to clean hands immediately reduce the proportion of keywords, keywords, let the content look to comply with the site correlation and no repetition rate too much.

sensitive word, the search engine included refused

The picture is too much >

is now part of the web search engine is not included in the website content, so most of the webmaster are believed to be content problems, in fact, search engine does not include web content is not full of content, there are many times and the relationship between the whole site, such as your site links too much, your site itself is right down will cause the search engine does not include content, in the face of search engine does not include the content of the website we can not be discouraged, and should insist on going, so what is the right way?


is now the site is a station copied a website basically, and many websites also appeared plagiarism, pseudo original situation, here we do not say that people do not seriously, perhaps by the time and other factors restrict the original development, in the face of this situation I think the best solution is updated weekly an original content, although less content but the content is fine, the search engine will be recognized in our website, if your website is only pseudo original or copy the contents, then the search engine on your website content not included are trivial, may drop right even pull hair will for you web site.

  search engine keyword, refused to recognize

we should clean the inside the site, let the site search engines meet the internal requirements, in the optimization of the external site, so that both can guarantee the search engine on our website have friendly, thereby increasing the collection efforts, let us first talk about how to clean up the site from the internal integration, the content of the web site.

content of pseudo original, search engine to refuse

with the market economy into the Internet, now part of the website has the sensitive type, when the search engine to capture those words just to give up included, this is a big blow to the website, in the face of this situation, as a webmaster should be sensitive to the word active cleanup sites, for example in the website backstage directly refused to appear sensitive words, some of the law regulations of the deleted, perhaps some owners do not believe the overall sensitivity will affect the font included in the site, the picture below can dispel you don’t believe.

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