Using the webmaster tools statistics analysis on deep mining site keywords

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keyword click effect, the correlation is very important. For example, we have to do is review the types of articles, search results in the key aspects of the celebrity gossip, then the correlation is very poor, and it brings the user is not what value, will greatly affect the overall rate of transformation of our website. We will not do the related analysis of why these words this time is not the site positioning cause? The specific reasons, we need according to their own website.

, a view of the effect

we have to do some key words, there is no effect? Can bring visitors to our website? We can use these search keywords to check, usually for a website, keywords competition is not particularly large, in our 7 ~15 days will have effect, this time we through traffic in view of the background of statistical tools, these words have any effect, that nature is the best, the keyword value, but if not, we will learn to analyze the reasons, to see if our page no keywords ranking, or invalid keyword, even if the ranking is up, but no real users, we also can see what is more from which search engine to visitors, and make comparative analysis .

so how can we effectively on the selected keyword analysis? But we use some tools to analyze keywords, search keywords is actually the most real number of webmaster statistical tools the most valuable of these words is the most valuable, because it actually record every visitor a search enter the theme, so we must be good to use it.

found their website statistics page, specific how should we conduct keyword analysis? The following small concrete to explain.


first, the search terms page, we look together small sites as shown in figure

for a web site, the optimization of the whole site analysis keywords are plays a vital role, it is related to the overall positioning of our site, such as location visitors crowd, positioning the theme of the article, and the conversion rate of the site. Of course, if we set the website keywords, we can start preliminary follow-up work.

Xiao Bian today by the 51la statistics for example, simple to tell you how to effectively use the statistical analysis of keywords to further depth, of course, other statistics can also, like Shanghai statistics and CNZZ statistics are good, but small personal 51LA when relatively long, relatively easy, but no matter what the use of traffic statistics tool, in fact and reason are the same.

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