The webmaster do chain have effect

news source is the webmaster need to buy their own, the chain has a certain authority, but need his grandpa Mao calls to complete, the advantage is that the platform makes it easier to believe, and love of Shanghai news source will still give the green light. But now Baidu of medical news hit is very large.

webmaster forum, there is a chain of garbage I heard after the forum released outside the chain of the best choice of related forums, such as bentwood furniture website, you choose the BBS will tend to the furniture of the forum, if in the above Shanghai Longfeng forum that does not like, what the role of may by Baidu abandon, also released the chain best top forum.

chain? Now the webmaster long chain is a contemptuous disregard, Baidu combat is very serious, but all the chain really have no effect? The chain can help bring to the ranking? In fact Baidu hit the chain just hit for some outside the chain, some of the major websites bring you the chain effect is very considerable.

3, classified information

The portal


classified information platform 58, for example, many people go to the market are a good choice, although sometimes the audit is relatively difficult, but once successful release is good.


as follows

love Shanghai although the foreign chain has been hit, but I suggest webmaster can do some outside the chain of good quality, give the opportunity to the search engine more into your website, the website ranking, flow or help.


is a popular platform, but micro-blog’s limitation is also great, but also to their own business for a period of time there must be some fans to China, the author believes that with micro-blog the chain effect is not great.

the bentwood furniture 贵族宝贝zhenjiangjiaju贵族宝贝 starting A5, reprint keep the link.

blog has a character that nobody do you control the number of anchor text, blog is generally third party and independent blog two, if the owners can well maintain their own blog, is also a good way to get outside the chain.

news source Today I introduce you to

portal website submission of the benefits that can be obtained from other websites reproduced, can bring some chain to you, but the portal to soft Wen delivered successfully, the demand is still relatively high, can not be free to write an article can be approved, such as the Shanghai dragon industry are aware of the station network, if you write a good article will have many webmaster reproduced the.

5, micro-blog

owners used the release of the chain platform, introduce





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