The PR value era has become the past love Shanghai weight value is king

for real examples around me, I have a few small sites, long time no management, sometimes even 10 days to open space didn’t notice. Because the site long time not open, but the content is a long time not updated, resulting in several sites of Shanghai love more and more low weight. Google PR magic and a few years ago when seriously the operation of the site as strong. For example, the PR value and 4-5 is so high, but the weight is only 1 love Shanghai. In fact, my heart is very clear, because these sites do not maintain, don’t deserve such a high value of PR5. This website, this situation is a common phenomenon in china.

Google update slow update the PR value now, are not allowed, so basically can be said that the reference value is very low. Plus the weight of the love of Shanghai "


may be many inexperienced novice looking for the chain standard or in the PR value, but the PR value of the times would become the past. Even in the sea still did not fall in love with weight value is not out of the era, some people understand the chain, looking for the chain when it is mainly refer to the other site "fall in love with the sea included a number of" love "overseas chain number" and other indicators, and the pr value is a secondary reference standard.

in a few years ago, Google accounted for about 1/3 of Shanghai love to share in the domestic market, while Shanghai has not launched the official love love Shanghai pr. So at that time for reference Google PR value is very significant, because indeed some of the PR value high site, weight is relatively good.

in 2011 February, was the first love station network launched the "love Shanghai weight query" webmaster tools, because love love Shanghai station launch weights gained great concern in the industry, many webmaster websites have also launched their own love Shanghai weight query, bad love station network data acquisition directly, have the strength he developed a love of Shanghai is not the same as the weight of the query. In many of the suit launched love Shanghai weight query website, the well-known Chinaz webmaster tools is one of the best, the most let the webmaster know. Because Chinaz is a huge user base, in Shanghai love weight query on the authority of once replaced love station trend.

1: why the time is past, the PR value of

domestic do optimization is mainly for the love Shanghai, a Google PR value high, no weight to exchange love Shanghai did not have any help to the Shanghai dragon. And with Google Chinese exit, the PR value of the algorithm also has no innovation, the PR value of the meaning is more and more small.

if a few years ago we said what is the largest site in exchange Links reference standard, believe that Shanghai dragon friends will not hesitate to say is Google pr. From the Chinese mainland market in Google, the domestic search engine love Shanghai a dominant era, as a Shanghai dragon worker, if the exchange links or the PR value as the main standard, said he is Shanghai Longfeng layman too.

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