Use insect insect software how to break the anchor text Forum

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Chong Shanghai dragon before all of the fonts to test, found that song is the best choice, if not used font sometimes text >

I believe we should all understand very well, the website forum put the correlation is stronger, then this link is worth doing, such as customer service group have a friend is to do car service, he said with a Website Ranking Ranking drop, Chong Shanghai DRAGON FENG asked him how, he reference point, the collection, and the website of what is said with no correlation, bugs were spamming, for example, are you doing car service articles, can crawl in some cars in web resources, then the article published about car service section, if your article the content of good quality, you will believe you delete the article, but there will be more people to see the article, will be the top of your article, this article will also become a Hot articles, so that the link to do more meaningful. Therefore, Chong Shanghai Longfeng suggestions for high PR relatively high correlation resources, insect friends can be put into a packet, at the time of the release as far as possible to choose manual binding, articles and links between such release will be more and more high, love Shanghai to weight increases.


three, the font

and some insects Youfa articles are bugs software to collect the function, but also understand to collect the articles in the QQ space, but do not pay attention to collecting the length of the article, sometimes will inform others just opened the QQ space to collect over, then released when they do not check on the hair therefore, we should set out the minimum character in the acquisition of the acquisition time, to control the length of the article collection. When the general situation in the group forum, the length of the article must be relatively long, if not long, anchor text links in your article, it is easy to find, the last is the post is deleted, serious may be banned or prohibit the landing IP.

each has two purposes, one is to improve your site’s ranking, the other is a mass of information, no matter with what purpose, it is beneficial for themselves. Shanghai dragon Chong believe that every friends all think about your own web site keywords ranking, so how to use a do? In the "insect insect marketing software to teach you love Shanghai ranking method" mentioned in articles with the anchor text of the chain is not wrong one of the methods to improve website ranking, it is from the other the website into own web site keywords links. Some friends talked about it, I just used a marketing software posts will be deleted, so www.chong贵族宝贝 about how Shanghai Longfeng how we use the worm in the forum of the mass of the chain is not easy to be deleted skills.

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