How to use money Witkey

Witkey way to make money: to undertake tasks and do marketing.

has the ability to undertake the tasks, knowledge, complete the reward, connected by advertising, people have registered the


1, to undertake tasks: to do the task, you need to find some of their own tasks to do, this money is relatively fast, do not forget to use some of the online tools can be more convenient!

2, marketing, take advantage of your blog, to the various forums do advertising, add a link to the text of what you can do marketing!

The following is a

from the network marketing can learn from


eight tips to help you make a successful marketing partner

the first big trick: make your blog to make money for you. In the blog, you can add text marketing code, image marketing code, custom marketing code, which can be added to the template or the contents of the article. Your friends through this link over the task China release task or real name authentication, you can get a certain percentage of.

second tips: let your forum for you to make money. I suggest that the forum has a certain degree of people, you can choose to make money. In your signature, hang your picture marketing code, then continue to attract the attention of the replies. Replies to the high quality, otherwise it will cause the attention of administrators. If it is a senior member of the forum, in the excellent article mixed with the text link code or picture marketing code, the effect is good.

third tips: let your column for you to make money. People who write columns, articles are generally well written, easy to be recommended by the site, while easy to attract readers. If you also have their own column, you can edit the article, plus your marketing code, then through your article to register real name authentication or publish tasks, you can get a sum of income.

fourth tips: let your QQ, MSN and other instant messaging for you to make money. I believe we have QQ, MSN and other instant messaging, and often use. When you chat with friends, you can put their marketing code, to their friends, this method is effective, and easy to operate.

fifth tips: let your mailbox for you to make money. Through the mail group function, to your friends, to promote your marketing code. I often received a letter of invitation from friends, friends are the most reliable. Something that would be nice if your friend felt good. Or put in the signature of the message inside, a friend saw the curious may be used.

sixth tips: let your Taobao, pat, eBay and other shops for you to make money. Now a lot of friends, have their own online shops and studios. You can add your own Taobao, pat and other shops to add marketing code, while adding a link to the store in China’s mission studio. This approach is very beneficial.


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