Using Shanghai Longfeng enterprises optimize the pressing of negative news

3. by way of promotion: promotion way including the promotion of soft paper, published articles in each big forum or website, try to release the third way, will make customers feel more cordial. Blog, micro-blog promotion, you can build some blogs, batch release some of the positive corporate articles, can also spread the good news about the product or brand in micro-blog. In addition to this forum mass and mass classification information is also very important, which requires a large amount of information to fill. Now more effective in addition to the above several include video promotion, video due to its very high popularity, not only can bring a lot of traffic, video website in search engine ranking will be very high.

finally: no matter what the way to suppress negative information, enterprises need to do their own products and services, in order to avoid.

is now a very fast dissemination of information era, the network as a special media, when our website or business bigger and stronger, the enterprise to bring the brand effect through the network, to bring a large number of customers; it is inevitable that we have suffered some negative effects, we do not rule out because of these negative information customer service customer issues, but mostly from competitors in the same industry due to the low cost of malicious slander, negative information or even zero cost and anonymous nature, causes the enterprise can’t be held responsible person. Shanghai Shanghai Longfeng Yishui today to talk about how to use the Shanghai dragon means to suppress the negative news, to enhance the credibility of enterprises. Using the website optimization and website promotion way to safeguard the credibility of enterprises and increase the enterprise’s reputation worthy is the most effective method is the most cost saving.

: first we need to release the negative news channel general understanding, negative news platform involves negative keywords in the search engine, affect the customer’s judgment make customer search; see the negative news in the classified information; published in various forums and so on; so when the news came to the expansion of the acquisition.

2. through its platform: love Shanghai love Shanghai platform including love Shanghai know, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai Post Bar, love Shanghai the weight of its own brand is very high, but also love Shanghai platform is also a high degree of concern. We can have a positive impact on the release of some posts or articles, attract the attention of the customers. Shanghai love to know and love the Shanghai library are authoritative, users should Post Bar love Shanghai more, have a certain influence.

second methods include the suppression of bad news: 1. by optimizing the way include: positive keywords repress negative keywords appear on the home page, the site needs to be optimized, making some key words including the long tail keywords can achieve the search engine, so that customers have First impressions are strongest impression. Another use of reverse optimization method, the negative keyword search engine scheduled cheating or improper use, which makes negative keywords optimization method by K. This will take some time, but the effect is obvious. Because the search engine is the first source of customers to find the site.

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