Several important factors influencing the Google search engine ranking 2016

Google search engine ranking several unfavorable factors

DA, also known as Dmoain Age, also known as the domain name domain name age, weight, the longer the domain name more favorable to the ranking;

page of a large amount of irrelevant links, or exported to untrusted sites;

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TR, also known as TrustRank, refers to the site’s authority. What is your website is received from trusted sites;

Google search engine ranking factors etc.)

the new year began, many readers and I said on his website not to. When I asked him what to do the optimization, he will be in accordance with certain books that the title tag contains keywords H1 tag contains keywords ah, ah, or the label with the anchor text site ah, and so on, basic books that he did, but not in fact is the common thing in. Because of these factors are others many years ago summed up, for the year is really useful, but now a lot of Shanghai Longfeng factors have been cut ranked proportion. Since we want to do rankings, then we certainly must first understand that Google is more important which point. Here Daniel summarizes several 2016, several favorable factors and unfavorable factors to compare the value of Google.


update frequency (update frequecy), refers to your website updated original content frequency;

is not a H tag, and B tag in the main keywords on these optimization methods is completely useless, but this part of the optimization method has been from the "requirement" has become a "standard", so here is not to say any more.

web pages without a large number of page value;

PR, Page Rank, although he influence ranking has dropped from the previous 70% to 40%, but it is still the main factors affecting the ranking of

mobile phone adaptation, or use the current Google just launched AMP project, make your website to better show in the mobile phone terminal and increase the speed of loading.

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing), "whether or not to join the latent semantic indexing words to replace part of the target keywords;

is not the favorable factors do rankings will go up, because in the process of optimization and avoid unfavorable factors to deal with, we should also pay attention to the following several points of Google more unfavorable factors in the process of value optimization:

Soscial Media, namely Facebook, Twitter, Pinteret "in the performance of your data. (your page how many likes, how many reprint and reprint your article to the authority of the users of

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