The following website optimization problems in the process of your earnest thinking

website optimization? After ?

first, before choosing Shanghai dragon in this industry ask yourself why? Many webmaster see others in the ranking website have the right to have income, eager to own, regardless of the consequence to do a website to say, after a period of operation that has yet to change the weight of ranking, various complaints and questions come in fact, I want to say to you at the beginning of the site, you have to think of it, what is your web site is not profitable, profitable way, even if the optimization to love Shanghai first, has the value and meaning of

fourth, to continue to build their own circle accumulate all Shanghai Longfeng resources. Many people think that Shanghai Longfeng accumulated resources are often limited to the line, such as Links, forum account, chain resources etc.. Of course, these are the essential resource optimization work, and as a webmaster in addition to online promotion optimization of resources, we must improve thinking, open thinking is more important than these is the industry of the human resources, only high-end thinking ability in the optimization process of one step ahead, and thinking comes from our online and offline contacts for example, some webmaster circle gathering at some salon sharing are the best way to improve yourself, of course, these need you more carefully, you should take the initiative to participate and integrate, >

I found that in 2015, Shanghai dragon industry’s popularity seems to slow down a bit, even the Shanghai dragon industry leader Shanghai Longfeng why has recently shifted to the network marketing training above not only specialize in Shanghai Longfeng area, as a professional personnel to Shanghai dragon optimization if we get into consideration look at the site when questioned the optimization, what is your driving force has been insisting on the current

third, web site operators must have your spirit. Why does the boss after the success of all praise you know in a continuous line, when an entrepreneur pay in the start-up company when that effort is difficult to think of, but as a webmaster must optimize work to treat site with the spirit of entrepreneurship, successful Chengren must make persistent love website ranking of Shanghai, do not find any excuses for themselves, cut off their retreat, to continue to strengthen its efforts to continue to try attitude, to find new solutions in the face of the problem.


second, Shanghai dragon live fast track not prepared to fight a protracted war. We know what kind of website can be more popular, if a site occupied Shanghai perennial love home, there will be a lot of your attention to your customers, and up and down the name of the web today, is not in the customer mind left a deep impression, when your site has been maintained in the search engine page. Your brand will naturally come out, everybody’s familiar is out. And insist that requires us in the process of optimization, not a good mood today updated two articles, not the spirit of tomorrow too lazy, optimization is a lasting work, if you want quick, you braved the risk of black hat

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