Take the domain name analytic multi line can be realized without affecting the collection of customs

part of the domestic DNS service provider a DNS server can identify the user types such as antecedents, telecom users or Netcom users, domestic or foreign users, is still? Of course, that is to say, he can distinguish the search engine spiders, he can not according to the type of access for users to resolve different IP address, so different user access to the page is different

According to my understanding of domestic domain name provider We know that

before the Internet realize there are many ways, such as a.Htaccess file to what ah, Xudong today and share one of the most simple method to realize the function of

well I and to share with you today to welcome Paizhuan!

DNSpod already provides this function, only online reports of little

Now we are going to turn off the

can achieve a lot of ideas with this function, this will depend on your "creative"! Because many options provided by the DNSpod line, see below:

DNS itself provides most of the servers do not have this feature, I use a DNSpod free DNS service, the new version of DNSpod which can give a record of each specified line type

Original address: 贵族宝贝gaoxudong贵族宝贝.cn/page/184.ht> , here we introduce a solution scheme at the DNS level

website but we also need to search engine spiders every day to climb so as not to affect the page and included weight, we only need to change the default line search engine line can, if you need to burn like my network as an ordinary user interpretation page, we can build two A records. One is the default line pointing to the site is a single page, the search engine website (no real line to turn off the site)

recently, Xiamen fish, long lane, I burn nets and other famous sites voluntarily close self-examination caused a sensation, the Xiamen fish and dragon lane has been unable to open, I burn nets home notice, but we found that their site has been closed, but they fell in love with the sea is still in the snapshot update, which is how to achieve the


In fact, ?

users to access our website first is the DNS domain name server access, then the DNS server for us to parse out the corresponding analytical IP address, after access to the IP server address, according to the binding for us to show a different web page, using.Htaccess to achieve the level of jump is on the server to close the site search engine can still come crawling

the above situation is our common user access to the site is off, but the search engine can be as usual to crawl the page

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