Methods and techniques to avoid the dead link website move

two: 404 page


whether successful or not successful web sites, and are likely to move off, because the success of the website in order to upgrade, may choose a better server, and for the delay opened up the situation website, may improve the network environment, the replacement of a good server, so that they can transfer transport the move is for many! Website optimization personnel, there is a great challenge, because if you keep moving, included in the site and ranking stability became a priority among priorities, but now, on the Internet, there are also some moving because the network led to the site before the operating results disappear this situation, for the website, it is a devastating blow to

: the ROBOTS shielding dead links, or use a 301 redirect to solve the dead link

! page to prevent locking

this method believe that many webmaster all know, but know to know, really good but often not much. The 404 page to jump directly to the dead link error page, and then through this page to guide the user to a new page to move after the upgrade, so as not to because the site does not open, causing the user mistakenly believe that the problems of the site, and then select the other site, the same, so by 404 error page Jump and navigation, can guide the search engine spiders can jump to the new page, not in the path traversal spider web, into a dead end! The 404 page has been recognized as the site method of dead links best


I think, lead to the failure of the situation on the site to move, to a great extent, is because of the emergence of optimization problems, especially the death site too many links, but did not do a good job site in the 301 redirect, eventually leading to the site to be search engine that is a new website, which leads to the weight of the site before the disappeared. Thus, to solve the super multi site appears dead link moving process, is also a very important thing, the author do a simple analysis of



ROBOTS method at present, many webmasters are used, after all, now many popular site procedures have this functionality, but the use of robots to shield, tend to produce more work, such as the author’s website, before moving it has been nearly three hundred thousand pages of content, if only rely on the shield robot the workload will be staggering, but after the move, the relevant directory your site and levels have a little change, and to use this robot shielding brings more trouble, how to do, finally the 301 redirection function, while reducing the workload of a point, but in general, the website the collection is gradually returning to normal, the death of the web site links have been effectively alleviate the

three: update frequency and increase the content of the quality of


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