How to make the analysis of website optimization website profit

is second, we do network optimization, the profit target is not clear. Although we all know that we do website optimization into the industry’s purpose is to make money. But specifically what we rely on to make money, there seems to be a lot of blind at a loss. Because they are not always thought about this problem. In the optimization of the web site so they are not always to be profitable. We don’t think these webmaster, when the network optimization to a certain extent when one thing profit is very natural. Wrong, when we start to get to know we what to make money. We mainly through advertising, or VIP membership fees, or online sales of goods. When we begin to clear this goal, we will work hard towards this direction to optimize our website. So we can save a lot of unnecessary trouble and some setbacks, or we just like a fly without head, turn into but always can not find the exit. So we do website optimization, start to establish our profit and profit. So finally we don’t profit may make castles in the air.

first, network optimization threshold is too low, resulting in a large number of people to join, to the fierce competition. First, from the perspective of external factors of our network optimization a factor is difficult to profit is, network optimization industry threshold is too low, what almost no threshold, so many people pour in, resulting in network optimization too fierce competition, which led to the low income of our website. Because we all know the network optimization, we only need to buy a space and a domain name. Then you can make their own website, and then enter the network optimization of industry. It does not require us to have too high technology, so almost little understanding of some people are beginning to favor with the industry get together to do. Everyone is holding a profit of the heart. But demand, fierce competition. The ultimate network optimization, the profit is always a few smart Shanghai dragon, and most are always very difficult to obtain profits. So we must have a thorough understanding of the industry before the industry into the network optimization. Don’t blindly join, so that we can make our website profit.


why should we do SEO, why are we going to optimize a website, a website optimization of what the ultimate pursuit? We all know the website optimization chain everyday website, update the content of the website, the site of the key word, it is our ultimate goal. Of course not, this is just a means of our results, we want to attract users more traffic to our website, to earn more profits. Yes, we do website optimization and their ultimate purpose is profit. But not every website optimization can make your website as a tool for their own profit. So where in the world we are wrong, we do the optimization how to make our website profitable?

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