On Sina Sohu Shanghai Love Blog set up the chain extension is outdated

method to establish the chain through the blog and not outdated, obsolete are many of the heart is too big, a mouth to eat a fat man, with the continuous adjustment and development of love Shanghai algorithm, the blog to stay outside the chain is different in weight before can bring high, but I want to say a blog the chain is a chain of stable and efficient and effective analysis of some important influence, now the chain blog on the site here.

Let us look at the

We all know that sina

blog, Sina blog weight is very high. The outer chain 1 site the author now has twenty percent of the Sina blog is imported, but the chain has what effect? 1. the chain is very stable, Sina blog from the establishment of the chain to the moment now, the quality of the chain Sina blog have not changed, has not been deleted, the construction site of the chain is very not easy. 2. the chain can import traffic, we all know that every day on the Sina blog users a lot, and some good articles can be seen countless Internet users, these users are also attracted to our website traffic. 3. of the weight of Sina blog chain into the high, don’t know if you noticed a problem, if a popular keywords to search, we fell in love with the sea, to a great extent on the Sina blog to the top five, the surface of the Sina blog search engine weights in Shanghai love in the very high value.

space blog love love Shanghai, love Shanghai space is a product of Shanghai’s, the weight of how high I do not speculate, but I want to say is I love Shanghai has 3 accounts, each space to send an article every day, an average of two days of the time with a web site, we know that the weight of love of the Shanghai space how high? Now I search the website address, in addition to my home page, the chain fourth is the beginning of love of the Shanghai space. It can be seen that the weight of love of the Shanghai space value is very high, but many owners in Shanghai have sex space achievement is not ideal, because they are too impatient. Here is their analysis of several reasons: 1. account is too young to love Shanghai will not give the corresponding weights; where there is a 2. act with undue haste, it is with the site links; 3. for the pseudo original or copy. The three point is the webmasters will meet, so when they encounter these situations is that love Shanghai, love Shanghai to give up space, love Shanghai as Shanghai’s own production space love >

The author thinks that the

, but with the continuous development of the Internet, the establishment of the chain through the blog way gradually weakened, from Admin5 in your article can see this point, before the vote draft article many are analyzed these blogs, and this year at A5 I have seldom see these articles, but also in the webmaster friends and discuss the construction of the chain of the problem, but also very few people mention the chain, do the chain blog really had it?

The establishment of high quality is the chain blog 12 years ago, eighty percent of the webmaster can do with

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