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Hello, I am virtual son rain. The front to tell you at the two aspects of the size of the competition, respectively from the keywords in the search engine search results page number and the love of Shanghai index related data view keywords competition size, interested friends can look at the front of the two articles: "virtual son rain: key words search results pages for keywords competition" the size of "virtual son rain: search keywords love Shanghai index keywords competition size". Today I went to you to speak, is mainly from the key site data search results teach you to identify the key competition size, I hope you can learn something.

(F) 7-10 high quality stand home page or directory page of the first page of the competition: belong to difficult words.

(E) 3-7 high quality stand first page competitors (industry station, station, government portal station) home page or directory page: on the middle part of the

any one of the words to want to know how much competition, first of all we want to see is the number of pages of search results, then we need to see is the number of web search results, many people ignore this point, that the search results is about 1 million, the competition is certainly not too big in fact? And if the website home page, and the former three pages are independent of the website, for that you choose this industry, you must be careful, because of competition in this industry is not generally large. The following specific website data about how to give you more keyword search results of keywords competition size.

(A) number jjpm website more than 5 belong to the big competition, the competition in 3-5 medium, less than 3 did not even belong to the point of competition.

(D) the first page competitors are common website homepage or only 1-2 high quality stand home page or directory page: to belong to medium;

(C) the first page of rival common website home page is not more than 5: belong to the middle small;

(B) the first page competitors are common website (small and medium enterprises stand) pages: belong to the competition of small

We see

in the search results page > ten

search results page of the independent website data, to see the home page website data, the number of Web data, the first ten pages of the auction site, after analyzing these website data we can find out the key words of the size of the competition.


2, the first ten pages of independent domain name website number

1, the first page of the competition strength of


no matter what you do in Shanghai dragon, the website data on the home page is definitely our most in need of analysis, is also the first to be analyzed, because the first page of the website will be our most direct competitors, so it is necessary for their analysis. The first is to analyze the bidding website, followed by the number of natural ranking website. This can be divided into the following ranges:

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