Amoy boss ten days to learn to do Taobao guest

many users see I (net Amoy boss) video interview and Guangzhou times information network reported on the guest came to see me and asked me how to do Taobao customers, these problems are each novice must ask the question, so want to want to write a "ten days to do Taobao guest" tutorial. I hope that through my tutorial can let everyone know what is Taobao guest, know the network of a new industry, the industry can also do a good job of the day into a hundred thousand yuan, also can solve the employment problem. Pull a little far, get down! The ten day of the first day to do guest, understand what is Taobao


1, what is Taobao guest?

to help Taobao sellers to promote the sale of goods in accordance with the results of the Commission to get the Commission (can be an individual or website). Here is to help Taobao sellers, so called Taobao guest.

principle: first to have a Ali mother account (; Taobao customer acquisition in their own commercial links by Ali Mama, let shoppers through your link addresses into Taobao and purchase, payment transactions after Ali mother will automatically in the background to deal with statistics, and initially set the commission ratio to the Statistical Commission to your mom in the background, on 15 monthly settlement after settlement mentioned you can put money into Alipay, cash flow. Here said the relevant operations in the back of the tutorial will be described in detail, there is not much to say, you can understand.

2, how to become a Taobao guest?

first, you want to register a Ali mother’s account, if you have a Taobao account can also be directly used Taobao account login Ali mother do Taobao.

second, after the application for mom to bind a Alipay account, or how your money is raised, so there must be a normal use of the Alipay

third, learn to use the background of Ali’s mother, get the corresponding goods Taobao link.

fourth, looking for their own promotion, flourish, earn commission.

finally popular explanation, is to help Taobao in the online sales of goods sellers, sales statistics statistics from the Ali Mama, pay you a commission paid by the agreed rebate proportion. Personal definition is the network of shopping guide staff.

ten days to learn Tao second days, understand the relevant rules of Taobao


Taobao passenger is to create a mother ali. We know the Taobao customer rules is necessary, do Taobao customers will often visit Ali mother forum Taobao passenger zone ( Taobao off the latest news and related rules will be announced in the first time.

Taobao guest rules

1, Ali Mama >

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