Love Shanghai search Forum new mobile search under the new rules the site should be how to deal wit

by way of JS loading, but the role of JS is to realize the function of many special effects, in optimizing a website, the site operators don’t loaded with JS way to display the contents (such as title, release time and text content), to reverse the role of Spider judgment. In addition, the JS content of large segments of the JS files can be loaded rather than directly on the HTML code in the head.

[JS code loading content specification, the spider friendly]

mobile era, mobile search, user operation, user habits than before has changed a lot, so it is not directly to the optimization method PC copy can reuse, today Xiaobian for some sort of mobile Internet site search factor optimization, please see below:

canonical tag in the PC era is used to solve the problem because the search included a web site form different content with the same content caused by repeated problems, in the era of mobile Canoinical has been given a new meaning, it carries the relationship between mobile and PC pages, help to move faster pages included. In the mobile search scenario, canonical tag is inheriting the corresponding relation, identify the mobile page and PC page label relationship, or web pages included, ranking will be affected, the site hopes love Shanghai included mobile page recommended batch processing, each page to add canonical tags.

URL rules, hope site mapping PC to mobile URL need to have the law, so that we will be more efficient

love Shanghai search VIP forum as the industry’s well-known training session has been widely concerned, love Shanghai search hope popularity search optimization knowledge to all sites in the Internet Ecosystem through such activities, to provide quality Chinese users browsing experience.

Many web site operators will be the site of global


August 3, 2017, love Shanghai search VIP forum was successfully held in a hotel in Beijing, including China, Guangming, Tencent贵族宝贝, sohu贵族宝贝, public comment, 58 city, the United States and other groups of more than 150 site technical responsible person participated in the meeting.


URL [to the law, to remove invalid parameters


parameter is invalid in addition, timeliness contents of URL, please try to delete or use other ways to solve, because in the spider.

content of the page is illustrated viewers favorite, but the site operators need to pay attention to, in the love of Shanghai submitted to the page, loading ways of using Base64 is not recommended for large size pictures.

Please note that the "

[mobile page without canonical tag will affect included]

relationship miningThe

[illustrated loading picture]

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