The webmaster how to escape the non malicious spider trap

two, URL dynamic path is too deep may also make the site suffered torture spider trap. Please see the screenshot below

got sick to the hospital, but is often a lot of symptoms at first do not pay attention to find out in the end that is terminally ill, when tired pain, the same site in a spider trap like illness treated promptly, so the Shanghai dragon Er website optimization process must beware of net station time in spider trap. What are the spider trap? How can we escape?


, a jump to avoid spider trap. For you all know that jump, general spider on the various pages forced to jump very disgusted, 301 is relatively reasonable, but like the spider jump 302 and JS all mandatory crawling up very difficult, so basically to this page spider jump came to an end on the site and no to transfer the weight, the site after the jump page all work is wasted, this is sometimes many beginners will ask me every day of the original chain included why poor ranking is back? You should check to see if there is such a jump on the site, any subsequent operations will immediately remove the site normal.


We all know that !

said the repetitive thought of repeated trap session ID plain white rice, many webmaster friends in order to track visitors, using the session system session ID, behind the path of each user access and are added to the session ID this parameter, which had the same path page into multiple paths, some people say that let the spider feel fresh, yes, but the content is different although the path you let this as like as two peas, the spider that you are cheating, greatly reduces the quality of the website. The screenshot below is called the session ID

this is a very long path, and between symbols, will feel very difficult when a spider crawling, although now the spider crawling ability is more and more powerful, but don’t expect the spider to overcome difficulties, to optimize your site spider will be more love. This is a Taobao product path after the screening, the same brand of various types of products, so this will also increase the probability of repeated URL, in fact, like this path because of the need to have no way out, so this situation suggested by nofollow and robots blocked, although the loss of weight transfer but rather than search engine punishment is much better than

spider trap, attention!

three, Flash>

is a non malicious spider trap hidden sites, symptoms are slow type, perhaps first search engines are not to punish it, but long time trapped in the spider trap on the website is very unfavorable.

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