Webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER usually should have what kind of knowledge

said this, most people still do not understand, I think we should hang a website is traffic statistics code, most of my friends for only a small part of the traffic statistics function, for example, just look at the IP independence day, "

first, at least to HTML code

in search optimization, except external optimization, internal optimization is extremely important in the structure of the site, navigation, depth, directory and framework, section location and so on, I often see some website content page labels are not standardized, even "in addition to the DIV label is the DIV label, this website, even if you do your best to external optimization, Shanghai Longfeng effect is not maximum. So, what kind of label what kind of content, H series label with the title content, content with the P tag list with UL LI label, form table, what with what label label.

third, master data flow analysis

this is many webmaster lack, including himself, after all, most of our webmaster or Shanghai dragon ER are not necessarily the liberal arts, here I give you advice, see more reading and writing ideas of learning about other people and statements, we can take more to the A5 website, the quality of the article are very good, although most of them are in such a chain, but all the writing is worth learning.

if you’re programming is better, can develop more in line with some common functions of user habits, we need to understand is that all the user’s time is precious, you have to make your site waste less time for the user, for example, registered members, many websites registered members that requires the user to fill the QQ with mobile phone number email and a host of other members, registered users have to spend a few minutes, you can consider from the perspective of their own, are you willing to register this website? So if you will programming, then the registration place leaving the username and password of other e-mail not all, save the user time, increase user experience.


first, I hope that we can carefully read this article, although this is not to teach you how to teach you what technology, optimization, but will tell you the successful operation of optimizing a website the basic ideas and knowledge. For our personal webmaster, basically belongs to a universal type of talent, in addition to Shanghai dragon, we also know that the construction site (at least DIV+CSS, HTML that must be it), the environment installation and configuration, server security configuration, we do not discuss the related factors of server and security today, we only talk about Shanghai dragon, if you do search optimization, we should have what conditions, you have mastered all of the

second, you must write

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