Understand the search engine website included challenge to help better and faster

third index, treatment should be more effective: "crawl is just a beginning, still must pass a large number of calculations, including the relationship between the forward link, and the inverted index, and PR iterative calculation, therefore, the core algorithm of search engine involves" aspects, said noble baby ranking 200 will consider a number of factors, so the website optimization should be as natural as possible, try to make all-round. Not just staring at the external links, so vulnerable to punishment.

a lot of sites you want to have a good development, search engine apparently became one of the most important. Because most users through the search engine to search the information you want. So get a good show position and ranking in search engines, means more opportunities. This paper analyzes the challenges faced by the search engine, we hope that through these can inspire, let your site can better and faster included. The search engine is one of the most complicated system, although it can provide more and more search results, and the development of more and more mature, but still facing many challenges, there is a long way to go. As a personal webmaster, understand the search engine faces the challenge, the challenge is to provide some guidance for us, down from five aspects and share.

, the first web pages faster and more comprehensive: the Internet is a giant network structure, there are countless Pages Updated and created, so every day, every hour and moment need for crawling and included, some high weight of the page updated after several hours or even a few minutes will be included, but some individual sites are not even a few months to crawl, or use flash as well as a large number of pictures, even if they provide users want content, there may not be included, so the user is not known. This is a challenge faced by the search engine, for our purposes, should not be too much to use pictures or FLASH, to ensure that the search engine can successfully crawl and crawl.

second, mass data storage: some large web site data is very large, it can imagine the entire Internet data add up to what is a quantity of data. In addition to these visual data, including links between pages of the storage. Sometimes we see the website ranking will have the fluctuation phenomenon of technical problems, this is bring large data of course, we’re not about these, we can do only need to understand the overall situation, to insist, sometimes you are not your own ranking problem, but the problem of search engine.

fourth, query processing more quickly when the search engine grab the calculated data, when the user to search, we usually in less than a second time to see results. The surface appears to be very simple, in fact, background processing is very complex, to retrieve the index page contains the keywords in a very short period of time, and in accordance with the relevant and authoritative arrangement to. With more and more data is huge, the future will face the challenge will be greater. To note here is that search engine will only check >


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