With two tire why love Shanghai index is high and the flow but not so much

4, Shanghai and Shanghai love love for advertising related products.

2, the user how to browse and click on the search results.

The difference of

we are concerned, why love Shanghai index is not accurate? The love of Shanghai as the search volume index, to the website traffic and not so high on the index. The love of Shanghai to search index amount of a certain proportion, from the analysis of various industries, the proportion is not sure. Some people think that love the Shanghai artificial high index, because from the website traffic, love Shanghai index was significantly higher. But in my opinion, this is not the reality of how much love search volume every day in Shanghai, in addition to love Shanghai official, who do not know, but the search volume is certainly very great love, Shanghai official impossible manual according to the key words to adjust the size of the index of Shanghai love.

I personally came to the attention of the same keywords search in different locations across the country, sometimes see the ranking of results is not the same, this may be the love Shanghai server is not caused by synchronization. Sometimes like a domain name resolution, some places have access to, and in some places still unable to access. The results of ranking by different flow different.

search engines on the bidding advertising, direct ranking, interception of a large part of the flow. Love and love related products in Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia, know and love love sea > Paste

so, why love Shanghai index is so high flow but not so much? I personally think the following reasons:

1, invalid search.

3 and area.

was done abroad for Google search results eye tracking test, test results show that the English search results, the distribution of the line of sight was "F" type of users, that is to say in the F distribution page where visitors look more concentrated. In Chinese search results page is also done a similar experiment, the results show that the Chinese user’s attention is more like a transverse random beating, click on the search results are random. The user’s habits largely affect the user’s click, of course it will affect the flow.

so, in love Shanghai index at the same time, a lot of people observed, love Shanghai index is not accurate. Because love Shanghai official did not explain the love of Shanghai index represent what many people think is the love of Shanghai is the index of keywords search volume keywords, and keyword search volume at least some proportion.

user search keywords in the sea did not fall in love with, click on any search results.

webmaster friends have increasingly focused on love Shanghai index, according to the index to do love Shanghai station, engage in traffic has been very common, like the recently popular Taobao guest single page station, based entirely on the long tail keywords love Shanghai index, around three or so ZhengZhan long tail key words to do Shanghai Longfeng optimization. The conversion rate is also high.

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