Webmaster do the two basic points of the user experience


landing page value


user experience is search engine perfusion ratio is getting higher and higher, especially with the requirements of users of the search engine in search results to further improve the search engine only in the website to exclude the search engine’s own website, the website search engine for ordinary user experience indoctrination has reached the height of the prehistoric.

website landing page is the first page the user directly concerned, can be said with the user experience are closely related, why now many sites in the landing page will invite the specialized designer to design the page, its purpose is self-evident, they would like to let the web page can attract more users in the first time, for most web sites can work in landing page. But there are also poor quality, part of the site of the landing page is not able to retain users, in the face of this situation as a webmaster friends must enhance the landing page value, value driven by the development of the website, retain users.

improve website loading speed

for the poor quality of the site right measures there are two main points: 1 is the premise of not changing the basic attributes of the site as much as possible in the home building combined with the way, this approach can meet the users to understand the contents of the entire station and appreciate beauty; 2 is the site of the landing page must be established in the page links, these links can be appropriate to add funny elements, we should focus on the user on the site, and for users to find entertainment is the foundation of our website service.

our solution is to love Shanghai Webmaster Tools tip: 1 compression, mainly due to a lot of the time we are the standard for evaluation is not "low compression, this is love Shanghai points webmaster tools in the detection of large projects; 2 is to merge, love Shanghai webmaster tools detection told us to learn how to merge and jump if can be in love", Shanghai Webmaster Tools >.

can be said to a website without ranking, so that the user experience of the website search engine can not meet the requirements before the website when most webmaster, as long as seriously good website content can be, but only a part of the website user experience, we should also strengthen the control of the two basic points of the user experience on the basis of good website content, and landing page loading speed of these two points is the site of the.

many webmasters are thought to be related to the loading rate and the site of the host, and the host in the search engine is just a hardware foundation, in fact the loading rate and user experience of the website, you can definitely tell you, a good website loading speed can at least ensure the site is down right and not pull hair, love why Shanghai K station, in addition to the soft content of the site there is a great extent because the site loading speed is too slow or sometimes do not open the site.

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