Five methods improve the visibility of the personal blog

if you publish a blog post, but no one to read it, it has significance? A lot of time and creativity requires the individual or enterprise blog maintenance work. If you spend an hour in the remote wrote articles, then click the "post" button. Then… Then you drink some coffee and wait. The final 37 people come to visit, then you begin to doubt whether it is worth to spend the time to get the

(* Note: if your keywords are 2 or more words, they do not always appear.


when defining your blog keywords after them interspersed in the blog article. For example, you wrote an article "love sea K" article, you can refer to "love the sea from time to time K station" in your blog, then love Shanghai spider climb and included your article, it will be possible to show this result. Remember, adhere to the keyword density control in 5-7%.

blog content creation

, a key

In fact,

(* Note: as a general rule, try to keep the word or phrase or under three words.

below the author share practice basic blog Shanghai dragon, to increase the visibility of your blog:

if you often release some excellent and interesting content, and to maximize the use of search engine optimization rules to adjust your blog, then optimize the personal blog is very simple. Briefly, these basic rules will help you optimize your blog articles, let the search engine has not found its problems, classification, and display the results. In turn, this will increase can be found in his masterpiece, and bring more traffic.

About five

(* Note: if the title is too long, the search engine will separate your title, so the title is usually less than 79 bytes)

three, /URL TITLE blog:

, TITLE and URL are two different types of blog optimization techniques, but the title and address domain are closely related. Try to set the title of the blog in the domain of URL (such as a www.*com /baidu-k-zhan.html "). Pay attention to set up blog label, this is the search engine optimization signal very well, do you want to go to good use.


four, social media:

social media sharing is a huge cake, now very popular.

love Shanghai or Google keyword tool to select a keyword or phrase popular, then write in your article. Ask yourself, "the love of Shanghai with search rules, the blog will be included?" pay attention to the key words is not just a word, it can be two or three words together.

The use of Determination of

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