A5 marketing a new era of the nternet gives Shanghai dragon new meaning

new media, mobile Internet, IT technology, digital technology, leading the new era of internet. The major search engines in order to develop Internet benign, optimized for search of the increasingly stringent requirements, frequent updates search algorithm makes the webmaster complain constantly, the rapid development of the Internet era, and give Shanghai dragon new meaning.

end user experience is the focus of

The latest development of

review: "Shanghai dragon is more and more complex, 10 years ago, Shanghai dragon from the page into the construction of the chain stack keywords, now the Shanghai dragon from the chain into the brand, user experience, socialization." According to ZAC of the new era of Shanghai dragon views.

brand increased

chain means high weight

in the Internet development, search engine start on the enterprise brand construction, the brand image of the enterprise will affect the user trust on the site. Enterprises should establish their own brand, the first to check out the structure of corporate websites, for the entire industry, the user experience of the website how to do, is in accordance with the principle of enterprise website. The content of the website must be brief principle, good classification and orientation columns, such as company introduction, contact, industry advantage and so on make clear. Enterprise site, do is brand promotion. Since the brand is the image, then the whole website style is different from the garbage sites, with decent style should be appropriate. To expand the brand influence to help customers make choices, or to help get a premium product, or let customers cannot leave loyalty. Search engine hopes to provide such high-quality brand website to users, hoping to solve the problem can help users better.

nearly a year to love Shanghai search engine update algorithm, the key is to emphasize the user experience of the site audit, high-end website user experience related to the site of the overall situation, not a good site experience of the website, the customer conversion rate must be relatively low, the website traffic turnover rate is very low. Good site experience requires the site open fast, good website design, clear.

first appeared in the search engine, page and keyword relevance judgment, mainly in the meta tags on the page, Keywords tag, H tag, in accordance with this correlation to determine the site weight, as long as the web page can appear many times relevant keywords, and can obtain high weight, but this algorithm is the webmaster of malicious use, and the search engine upgrade algorithm outside chain as the main factor to judge the chain search engine become an important index to judge the weights of the website. Import link anchor text and content relevance, become one of the important factors to determine the ranking algorithm, especially the true import links from other websites. Due to the influence of the chain of correlation, and weight included, led directly to the keywords ranking and search traffic is different, in that era the webmaster think the chain accounted for more than 60% of the proportion, far more than the importance of website content optimization.


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