Grassroots Webmaster the chain call the shots of my experience

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internal links not only helps transfer PR, average station page authority, but also can improve the user experience, increase PV, improve traffic. If the relevant articles, popular articles, the latest articles such as the internal link is easy to improve the user experience, the deployment of good internal links more pages on the greater the chance of PV increased more obviously. The inside of my chain family, we understand the importance of the chain in it, it is time to do your site within the chain.

wrote a " yesterday; grassroots Webmaster: who moved my chain? Practice the truth, " very welcomed by users, the number of visits is beyond my imagination. It is about the chain, today to each other, because the chain and chain are Shanghai dragon optimization of key factors, the name is called " grassroots Webmaster: the chain of my master! ", ha ha, very creative, I hope this article will like the article loved by the majority of users.

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in the chain, that is our family, we have sufficient reason to do it well, so how to do the chain? There are a lot of ways, one is the principle, website content through keyword links to each other, so that the whole website content like a web link up naturally. Whether the long tail word or target words, either within the page or column page, all is according to the principle of the link, even we often say that the site map is a good place. The site map is help to improve the efficiency of the search engine on the web crawling index, are included to the website. The site of the internal links of good strategy to promote website ranking. Many friends do optimization promotion to do outside the chain, but ignore the chain, the chain number down, and very anxious, as everyone knows, is the chain in you can completely control.

I in the chain I call the shots, the chain is in the website optimization ranking as one of the most critical factors, reasonable site within the empty link structure, can improve your search engine and website weight. Relative to the external links, internal links (links to your site content to your site inside pages, also known as internal links) is also very important. Since it is their link to the content on the website, it will not as the chain is not controllable is relatively large, because the chain might not stable, often will be deleted, all met the situation.

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