The analysis engine marketing needs of website promotion of search keywords

generally speaking, website optimization is not willing to participate in the competition is too fierce single keyword optimization. On the one hand, the greater the degree of competition keywords, website optimization ranking will become unstable, after all, you’re not the only one doing optimization. The judge is not fierce, which has high commercial pressure. Whether there is promotion? What is the number of promotion promotion? In 5 or more site keywords, to do site optimization I do not recommend clinging. While the general commercial keyword, almost in between 1-3 promotion, and not all day long doing promotion. For such keywords, website optimization, is the best choice, the user clicks do not lose generated from the value of promotion.

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keyword ranking height decides the website traffic and business income, and how to improve the website keywords? The search engine gives two ways: search engine bidding, website optimization. The keyword bidding can quickly pull up the website ranking, get traffic and benefit. The website optimization is a long-term free optimization, optimization and more suitable for a large number of long tail words. As an enterprise, how in between is better? The simple keyword bidding model, less said okay, but once the number of keywords and bidding, will have a high ranking costs at many points rate determine the site of money. If is the website optimization? Commercial competitive keywords, must have many auction sites in the former, can only be listed as a natural ranking first. As the enterprise station, how to select the appropriate mode of

two: suitable for website optimization keywords

have to say, only to do some keyword bidding to make achievements, even if the site optimization is again good, also ranked tenth in the future may be. For this a little more commercial profits no ground for blame, after all, money to pay more, get more, this is the law of nature. And how to choose the appropriate keyword auction? The main analysis: keyword hits a day, click on price, many auction sites, home show keywords degree of difficulty, and by clicking on a keyword, can bring direct benefits to the website or business.



details, do promotion for key click a price in a few cents, to ten yuan range, which can produce many of the clients, how many customers will be single? Believe on this point, has done to promote the customer psychology also has a number of. This time the website promotion position is the first, second, or third? And the natural extension of three, and sent out several promotion? Key word search volume is high, can consult the relevant website optimization company, they have a concrete offer, after the comprehensive analysis of each position, users click rate keywords, merit promotion.

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