The dragon boat to send dumplings do have to sow the seeds of Shanghai Dragon Spirit


June 8, 2013, QQ shake a bit, I want to find the seven address, said that the activities of the forum to send dumplings, a happy little ~

2, the purchase of a large number of QQ. The number of friends people QQ number, space to write articles, all reproduced, there is time to QQ single friends for single site, attract foreign street, there are certain advantages to the website ranking. Recently, for WeChat, the silent, two-dimensional code and so on are also thinking about how to attract people.


June 12, 2013, the Dragon Boat Festival, I wish you good luck in everything A5.

if you turn on the computer every day to see the site included, change the weight of the website and the page, and then look at the website which dead links, finally is here to copy some articles, there have some skills of text, update the site, I can only say that the child, you are dead, so interesting wood ~

chain since A5, no signature, the content of the website can not be screwing around. I’ll try a lot of haven’t done, hoping to find a new way of Optimization:

6, observe the opponent in the Shanghai love home website, see why they are in the home, their approaches to learning, I found that those in Shanghai love the home page, keywords accumulation is very serious, the title back with the key, but be sure to be included.

4, the content of the website does not guarantee any substantial copy and paste traces. This really important.

spirit!Shanghai Longfeng community

in 2013 is a year of turmoil, all love blow to Shanghai, Shanghai dragon optimization of technological innovation in the urgent warning to us. Shanghai dragon to start on the road to try and innovation.

is now the Shanghai dragon how to do? Do not have what good skills to recommend to you, Xu Feng can only say that the attempt is king, King

1, decisive again for a new website, to do some optimization to pay attention to the details are handled in accordance with the company’s many years of experience. Especially the page links, site labels, do website quality in order to better the impact of love Shanghai ranking.

No effect of the is hard!

3, for all walks of life forum, as long as the band signature are registered, the user name and signature settings are set to the chain. No matter what kind of forum, even the game forum I got, but to control the number of.

5, Sina, Sohu, registered the blog, the standard name for the web site keywords, home to the chain set, do update, which is included in the love of Shanghai.

June 13, 2013, take a look, suddenly thought, zongzi activities to send A5, let me think, do have to sow the seeds of Shanghai dragon seed ~

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