Summary of the six common reasons why Shanghai is not included in the new love love

3) using the domain name website had the website, and there may be a K

for the domestic Master said, Shanghai has been included in love they are most concerned about, after all, want to get traffic website visitors in Shanghai in search of love, then the first thing to do is to let the love of Shanghai included our website only, but want to let love Shanghai not included Google so easy, so in the end is what causes love Shanghai love some of the new sites included? To solve this problem, I have summarized the following six common reasons, you the webmaster website if you are not loved in Shanghai included, as the following reasons for comparison, see the following website is not made the mistake of

2) site during love Shanghai included, webmaster modified website title or what keywords

believe that as long as the studied love Shanghai webmaster all know, love Shanghai with Google or some other domestic search engine, for the website included is more stringent, especially when the owners have done using the website, and may be punished in Shanghai love the domain name to do stand, then you fall in love with the sea the new sites included the cycle will be longer, because it takes time to examine whether the value included in your website, after all you have a bad record, love Shanghai included is normal


4) space host site using the quality is not good, and love Shanghai to promote user experience with

1) website content on the acquisition or reproduced, the overall quality of the site is not high, so we do not love

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in a certain extent, love Shanghai compared with some other domestic search engine, it is love a relatively stable website, and not a regular change to go to the website, if you often modify or replace what site with source, then love Shanghai certainly not so fast included your new station, because it needs your site is stable, not easily modify the site keywords, it will be considered to be included in your site, or is not released have included a website snapshot

the current personal website source but only one, is that you copy me, I gather you, when taken to a multi site, has high repeatability of the content, and a repetition of new sites is easy to be love Shanghai as dumpster treatment. As long as the new station was once love Shanghai as a garbage station, then it is not included in your site. Therefore, if the owners love Shanghai included in your site, the other in the collection of web content, can you spare some time to revise the content of these pseudo original, so as to improve the content of the website "

! slowly!

sometimes love Shanghai not included new sites are used by the host site space, why do I say? The reason is because, when a website frequently appeared open, or special access speed slow words, "

! quality"? …

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