Shanghai Longfeng optimization needs careful operation can develop

web page layout and navigation classification principle and website URL address and the level of truth is roughly the same, the layout of distribution page need according to the search engines crawl to set the rules, have some experience in all know, search engine spiders visit from top to bottom from left to right to crawl, so when we the web page, to the above important part on the site layout, and to the left.

four, the surge in the chain or the drop of

two, URL address and

level change website

page title name is equivalent to a person, after the search engine to a website as to remember names, if you change the name of the site as a person who often change names, who do not want to know it, the search engine found on the web site will be renamed after re examination. In the original accumulation of weight cannot be inherited and be right down. Moreover, the website title equivalent to the image of the website, the website is the exclusive label, if the old customers will make only superficial changes, it is difficult to find the site, so if you need to modify, should also follow the original title based on slightly.

means need to be cautious

three, set the home page layout and navigation classification

search engine optimization is a long work, as a qualified Shanghai dragon ER, in the optimization of the website is not allowed to act with undue haste. Because the unstable state of mind easily lead to failure in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, such as ten days and a half months no progress on the question whether their previous optimization strategy is problem, motionless on starting a website, it will not only affect the impression of the search engine on the web, causing the site back into the search engine sandbox re inspected more what will be the direct K station, it is difficult to stand up. In fact, most of the webmaster site optimization goal is only one – and keywords ranking, website optimization based on the road only adhere to the correct direction, some optimization techniques and methods, in order to achieve the desired effect of Shanghai dragon. So how do we avoid the risk of the operation when doing the optimization? The author from the title, address, website home page, the chain, content and chain six aspects, share the experience:

the URL address of the website and search engines crawl the site level is a channel, when the search engine spiders crawl the site, it is detected by the law and the level of URL address and preserved when the spider once again visit the website can quickly access. If your URL address changes, the original address cannot be accessed will return 404 pages or even become dead, like to eat cold-shoulder treatment search engine is easily to be punished. So we are in the early stages of the site to determine the site of the URL address and the level should not arbitrarily change later.

, change the web page title, keywords and description of

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