The general enterprise website how to write good original articles

, a solid learning basic concepts and related knowledge of

now we do optimization when they know that the "content is king, the chain for emperor", today is how to enrich the content the content of the website construction, how to write good original articles, some students love for the information from the Internet to casually edit website content, go ahead after the end of reform content submitted, including prevention mechanism of love Shanghai led search engine on the content construction has been perfect, it is easy to determine whether your article is not the search engine love stuff, belong to low quality content and no sense of information for the user. Love the Shanghai official pointed out that Shanghai Longfeng suggestions: "Shanghai dragon can help to better quality content in the website is presented to search engine and search engine, Shanghai dragon, is a benign symbiotic relationship." So we webmaster or edit friends or settle down to try to write the search engines love high quality original content, search engine users also love to see love crawl.

we around the site as the center, solid learning basic concepts and related knowledge, because the knowledge is based on a series of articles we write, for example, we make clear the edible oil industry, raw materials, technology, transgenic and storage of basic concepts related to edible oil, after writing can be referenced that can not only enrich the contents of the article, also shows that the professional, the contents of the construction is a basic guarantee.


this industry through in-depth study of the industry between friends, online news browsing etc., familiar with the industry can start an argument, search for relevant news and information, combined with their own understanding of the industry, to write their own original articles through the integration of knowledge points. After a certain foundation, can refer to micro-blog and some strong timeliness of news website with its more write high quality articles. Of course, we are doing optimization, also do not need to like scholars so professional, able to produce high quality original articles can, do not need to pursue the scientific research level, practical.

enterprise website updated daily 2-3 original articles, adhere to the site of the weight > down

two, on the site of the industry belongs to the in-depth study of

in the writing process should pay special attention to the importance of the title, to include the related keywords and the related content, to convey to the viewer what is your expression of the theme of the article, the content of the article is also subject to turn around the title to a detailed description of the rational distribution of keywords, the beginning of the article the middle, in detail, at the end of the summary, this syllogism way is still relatively good format. At the same time to write the article, and the previous article in conjunction with each other, which is related to the construction site within the chain, so that the content of the website’s structure is rich and reasonable, which is conducive to search engine crawl, also let visitors in-depth understanding of relevant information.

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