Website optimization is not only the user experience ranking is more important

two logo comparison we find that wheat bags than the baby tree to look good, and reflects the Christmas and winter seasons and festivals, when people enter the site will probably have a Christmas festive feeling, good mood, of course, shopping desire is strong, but also increase the viscosity of the user and return rate; now with the improvement of living standards, provoke people shopping desire is not just the price, sometimes the quality and credibility is more important.

said Shanghai dragon cannot do without is the keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon itself means the search engine optimization, the goal is to make your keywords ranking is better, but the optimization of a website is not only ranking, the user experience sometimes feel more important now, large flow of many sites, but the user experience is not good like a lot of traffic, the type of website, we found it due to the time to do more long, the weight is high, judging from the content are collected, ranking is also very good, open sites pop also, is for the sake of doing, greatly affect the user experience.


but if our website type is service website, website user experience is extremely important, because most of the time the user enters the site, many of the details will affect the user’s mood, such as the layout is simple and beautiful, will make a lot of people have a pleasing sense of nature open the web site there is a continue browsing impulse, and if the site open speed slow, find a lot of pictures appear after entering XX, it did not desire to purchase. For example, now female friends love bags, in the love of Shanghai "buy Bags" input keywords, comparison site ranked first and second, the most obvious is the design problem of logo:


site optimization ranking is certainly very important, a site if there is no ranking, no user browsing; but we can start to create a good user experience, although not 100% satisfied users, in fact any websites are not in one step, can later continue to modify, to cater to the user the needs and experience, such optimization is the best.

website user experience can’t satisfy the user, a lot of things need to change, change as mentioned above, logo, may not have any impact on Shanghai dragon, but reflected in the user experience on it. Of course, there are still some details in addition to the logo site title, description and modification of the station. Such as the classic website: send SMS blessing blessing website, is to modify title to cater to the user experience, while in Shanghai Longfeng view, might have adverse effect on the website, but from the view point of view, is a good performance of the user experience:


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