The travel through the Q & a model to improve the user experience of the benefits


first look at a picture:

this picture is a Guizhou tourism website travel quiz page, can be seen from the chart is the answer can help you want to go to Guizhou tourism can let users, users do not need to know the answer to questions around the page, there are other questions and answers. From this point we can see that adding quiz module can effectively improve the user experience in the tourism site, tourism quiz allows users to solve their own problems when browsing the website, can also be some obscure long tail word optimization to the first page, can be said as an arrow.

user experience? A website user experience is very important, especially in 2013 the user experience, has been valued by the Shanghai dragon Er, priority among priorities at the same time it is also the site optimization. The last time I browse tourist attractions in Guizhou each big travel website to find such a problem, most of the tourist sites are used by QA pattern to do stand, generally it is a good method for the optimization of the long tail word, but also a method to improve the user experience.

the author believes that tourism websites can use to answer this way is very perfect, not only the user experience is also in line with the search engine. Answer completely imitate the love of Shanghai, you know, know answers, from the user’s point of view to think about it, if you want to travel search users, I want to know the question on the Internet, then the search engine display is certainly ask love Shanghai know or third party ah platform, if this time will be your site the question well, let love Shanghai in favor of your website quiz content, believe in a period of time will climb up to the top three love Shanghai. Ask for travel mode, the author has some of his own views, with all the talk about.

for example: I add a question and answer the channel and content pages in their travel website, the page made love Shanghai know it or more beautiful page, then every day according to a certain time to publish some quiz content, the specific content will be introduced to the surface. In this way, can give the user experience improve, let users.

, a Shanghai

saw the part of the tourism website has a quiz mode optimization method, this author suggests some very do not travel to do, we can imitate love quiz mode and the third party platform in Shanghai know, this advantage is very high for the experience of the user, may be a lot of love are including Shanghai quiz quiz platform is the use of "you and me", but on their website can answer to this problem, since the quiz can define their own keywords, anchor text can be added, this is a good opportunity for the website optimization.

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The know love imitation mode and three party inquiry platform

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