See Google update more and more attention from the original May 3rd pr

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actually understand current trend, search engine to the original are paying more and more attention, as long as you the careful analysis of recent search engine change can see.


of course, the original ratio is high, the chain site natural PR is better.

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from the current master of the situation, the content of the website of the original of the proportion of PR increased, also shows that Google is paying more attention to the original.

own a station on the line less than a month, the 80% is the original article, and other basic is highly pseudo original, now the chain is not much, whether the chain anchor text of the text are not many, this check will know, but PR updates to 2.

PR update is roughly two such cases, the update is new sites, the old station PR not what change; then the original website or pr.

and a forum, opened more than two months, the hundreds of every day, always included more than 900, the chain is also a lot of hair, at least in the station than me several times, but only 1 pr.


update is new, this is not to say. The main said original thing.

PR has been updated, which is second times the 2012 update, PR became a hot topic in the webmaster to talk about, small crane also looked under his management of the station, but also communicate with some friends under the circumstances. Don’t imagine many articles, the original content should be increased after a commonplace talk of an old scholar, the hair of the chain what, want to update from the PR case analysis of Google PR trend.

My friend The

from these two examples, can not explain what the problem, but according to my understanding of the more than 10 new sites, are basically the original or false original article more than the web site PR articles are copying or acquisition, and very much website chain pr.


Last night

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