The first half of the first love to share the experience of Shanghai occupy

summary: there are many reasons for the rankings, the key point is to insist, in five months time, I also have a loss, hesitated, is not always adhere to high quality content and high quality of the chain will be really effective, but I persevered, will ever rise to start the policy, I think as long as the efforts will be fruitful, God is fair, reach a goal! The webmaster friends, content with the chain rule is absolutely not wrong, as long as you do it and stick to it, success is inevitable. This paper consists of (

spent nearly 5 months to finally optimize the Milky Way talent network up, love Shanghai:

love Shanghai index is not very high, but the level of competition this keyword is very intense, Hebei soucai network and Shijiazhuang talent network Monday, before my ranking is consistently ranked in the two standing behind it, the best time is ranked second, has never been to the first. Today’s breakthrough is of historic significance, gratifying!

of Shijiazhuang Talent Network:

.The Milky Way Although the Love Shanghai index in contributions!

talent network in the "Shijiazhuang talent network" ranking history:

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