So why has the live fire to do Shanghai Dragon

what money what to do, this is the vast majority of friends practice. Especially Shanghai Longfeng practitioners are all-around talent website slower, so with the help of the platform bigger is not quite easily realized? So the electricity supplier up, personal blog column up, new media, since the media platform up up, live it, can go faster by boat.

don’t know what time from the beginning, we have mentioned the Shanghai dragon is dead, and the two years to basically have rarely seen the word stationmaster, Kun yuan guardian found that the rapid development of new media, since the media platform, the rapid introduction of live hot already let the station left the line of sight of people.


was 10 years, the real training is still relatively small, but because of contact with the people and things different (on the Internet just personal interest), so there is no money to focus on learning. When the main search found one hundred thousand, why love Shanghai search engine optimization guide, then the owners of the house and A5 business network (network owners), learn Shanghai Longfeng, marketing operations and other related knowledge through the platform. And then through their own website, part-time to do business services slowly accumulated experience and a large number of resources.

you know the website is a very hard thing, but also consider the site after the flow, fans and users, realized the problem, most sites have this problem in traffic can’t do anything. Although the Shanghai dragon this powerful skills, but really can do are few. Because there is no profit, so most websites can not very good development.


how do I contact Shanghai dragon

live now so fire why still insist on doing Shanghai dragon? Many of my friends advised Guardian yuan Kun: Shanghai dragon do not make money, please go for it. This is I have been silent.

for the site to do good, in the industry often jumping around, there was hope to help enterprises to find the marketing operation, especially to Shanghai dragon optimization. But 10 years because of problems with the website profit, so naturally learn Shanghai Longfeng optimization opportunities.

08 years just contact the Internet that will do, never thought (although at the time of the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon has been slowly, then a lot of fire) guard Yuan Kun, friends do not understand, only know Shanghai Longfeng users, so it is mostly through QQ, blogs, forums, rapid accumulation of a large number of users. Because the flow is very accurate, so the website quickly become bigger and stronger. But the money problem (the problem mentioned repeatedly, then say no more).

is for 10 years to search outside, A5 and home owners, guard Yuan Kun in two years with the knowledge learned to help many enterprises website do love Shanghai "



why I have fun Shanghai dragon

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