The 2012 forum signature chain will continue to awesome

usually better for those weights and can take signature forum, is undoubtedly the most loved by all the webmaster. Because the chain chain forum class compared to other types of labor, save time, and, the effect is very good, Shanghai included strong love. It is true, because these forums everywhere we can see some Adsense figure, after all, as the Internet increasingly fierce competition, only from the site of the internal optimization have been far can not meet the needs of webmaster hand site, so the chain is released to a hot climax, but after all because of many limitations, many of the forum after we released many posts, one day will find their signature links for the revocation, resulting in substantial loss of the site outside the chain, the site is undoubtedly a fatal blow, I believe that many owners will know. Then there is the signature which forum can let us these sites can be hung outside the chain of sleep without any anxiety? The author to share your forum link resource.

6, discuz forum

5, the Chinaz forum

is the author of these forums often post forum thread, the effect is very good, almost all second hand, attract spider effect is extremely good.

9, the global forum host

for every webmaster, in addition to the website internal optimization, the chain work will undoubtedly become a necessary means to improve our website ranking, especially for the novice webmaster, do not know how many Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization, so the center of gravity concentrating on the chain work surface, thereby increasing weight to enhance the site outside the chain of crazy the weight of the high ranking, natural good. From here the importance we can fully understand the chain. But for the chain method, and also there are many, for example, soft quiz platform and blog, and today I share with you on the forum outside the chain, because the chain form is the most common, the effect is more obvious, we only need to bring in some large-scale forum signature to our web site then, post replies can obtain high quality links. But many webmaster have many questions, after all, a rarity, in the face of the chain the thread got, these 2012 chain still awesome? Here to share some opinions on the forum 2012 personal signature of the chain with you.

(1) BBS signature of the chain and what are the benefits of


3, 28tui forum

4, behind the webmaster forum

7, tui18 forum

(three) BBS signature of the chain what are the disadvantages of

2, phpwind forum

1, the A5 forum

8, Shanghai dragon why forum


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