Share the webmaster how to grasp the details of processing from the ranking of Shanghai Dragon

end user behavior will be record: This is a focus of this paper, I feel is a future direction. With the development of the Internet, after the search engine will be more intelligent, to determine the user’s search intention, so as to provide a more accurate search results to the user. Different users search the same key words, want to find the results may be different, so the search.

page generation Abstract: our own website and found the description information not to develop their own individual, but the search engine from your own web page dynamic grab, we should not be surprised, this is normal. Especially for the noble baby, this phenomenon often happens. Many owners do not understand this phenomenon in the beginning, that is their own website optimization problems sets or, after seeing the show is not synchronized, will post everywhere asked or modify description, actually not. This is the good performance of the search engine through more ways to show your website.

and search cache use: the number of users is huge, the number of search words is amazing, but many users may search the difference will not be too large, or even the same. According to statistics, basically 20% words are the most popular search terms accounted for the total amount of search 80%, especially for news events or hot news appear, repetition rate of the search term is accounted for more, so the search engines don’t always retrieve from the database, it will reduce the efficiency is great waste, so the search engines will be the most common search terms into a cache, when a user searches for a direct call. This specific site for us to optimize the site or meaning is not too big, to share just let everyone play a role of understanding.

The second is the dynamic

is the first filtration and adjustment of the rankings, when the search engine had matching set, actually general rankings have determined the basic. But it is not yet fully determined, also need some simple filtering algorithm, make small adjustments to the ranking, the most important filtering is punishment, some owners either cheating punishment, once the search engine to detect words will be given, although according to the relationship between pages should have good rankings, but may give the comparison on the ranking, the most important is the 11 ranking and noble baby negative six and negative 30 algorithm. So webmaster do stand in the time not to cheat, if you want to do a good, then please insist on its own way, don’t try to challenge the ability of search engine. Before many websites are using the method of standing group to optimize the website, but many rankings are Not the least trace was found. disappeared.

search engines crawl the web to a complex process, the same ranking is given. After crawling and crawling, indexing, archiving, computing related pages, also need to link the last few eventually completed a web page ranking, today and share this several people usually don’t know much about the details, hope and common progress.

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