Gao Yong Shanghai dragon combat pyramid structure keywords layout

!The number of ! Keywords

author Gao Yong in a new paper * * *:" Shanghai dragon of importance to optimize the internal construction of the website, there are a lot of Shanghai dragon friend said my writing is too vague, the topic is too broad, the author detailed the share keyword layout [pyramid structure], presumably a lot Shanghai dragon had never heard of this structure, ha ha, just to see this article

four tower structure keywords layout, may see the written content, are a little bit confused, I was an example of a station I do! I do is Beijing wedding photography industry such as home station, I can put on the wedding photography, wedding photography, wedding Beijing Beijing this is the three studio, I do the main word, then a column page can be set for my wedding photography style, wedding photography location, wedding photography, wedding bride, forum and so on. "

two, column page keywords, there are many station column page title, keywords, description and home are the same, this is of no significance to the columns, in the column page also set 3 related keywords, which are conducive to the content of writing, link building, internal links, anchor text arrangement!

!The number of

here we go directly to the theme: Shanghai dragon [] keywords combat pyramid structure layout

to write a good and not good to see this article friend give an evaluation, in addition to the statement is reproduced in the article must maintain my original, the article was reprinted many comrades to the forum after the original statement was deleted, added his own original, presumably each author will feel indignant

three, tower structure layout, this part is the most important, we can read. A keyword layout like form of the Pyramid branch, this is a reasonable layout of the words! The core keywords arranged at home, like the Pyramid spire, the home page is optimized using! Secondary keywords can be arranged in a column page, like the Pyramid tower, there may be dozens of keywords in column page, can also put two or three relevant keywords in a column page! Another level keywords arranged in two columns, generally small sites are used to this, and a column layout is the same, that I will not show 11, Pyramid tower can have N columns! General large-scale portal will have a very large tower

An article " ! !For example,

, a home key, I saw a lot of web page layout of many keywords, even more than 15, he may also be the website keywords ranking more than 10 in the home show, these sites, I do not deny that I have seen such a website, I admire the Shanghai dragon Er, but this website after all is one of the few, I suggest a pr< 4 of the station, the home key can set about 5 new words, preferably not more than 3, this station weight will be concentrated in the words of

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