Analysis of the causes of close understanding of the forum by light years light years close a

‘s open forum has been unable to see the light of the content, but only one off the page, it seems wrote, "light years forum closed in October 20, 2012, the Chinese Ping teacher lists the following reasons, the following screenshot

b) large company of Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, slowly site’s ranking will do it, but because it is not a network company, you only need to be responsible for a web site, so you need each operation to you do detailed analysis, after all, there are some things you can only submit to the technical department to modify, you can to do is constantly, constantly, because a large website is not can be solved by the chain, you can go to the web site directory submission, you >

on the Internet in 2012, Shanghai dragon is also love Shanghai tired, the algorithm updates and K station has become the main theme of this year, from this point can see, after the Shanghai dragon slowly will turn into a variety of Internet junk, which is IT in various parts of the Internet skills and in most of the time, Shanghai dragon is merely a subsidiary skill, in this case, the pure Shanghai dragon also slowly will dissipate.

The first point:


a) network, Shanghai Longfeng Commissioner, slowly become Shanghai dragon head, the company received the Shanghai Longfeng list, and then optimize the enterprise station, Zhao Shanghai dragon chain Commissioner, recruit editor, and then continue to repeat it, if you do a good job, my own company, and then repeat the above process, this is likely to be Shanghai dragon and Phoenix Road, but the road to love Shanghai focus on users today, more and more difficult, because this is not the real Shanghai dragon.

After .

"IT industry represent the general trend direction is in various industries with the fusion of pure Shanghai dragon more and more be inopportune or inappropriate"

from this picture, you can see in the teacher for Shanghai dragon forum closed the helpless, then this article, on the analysis of three point about the country flat I say the reason to close it, I hope you can give yourself more thinking.

this is the author’s own understanding, but it seems that, from these years of development too, with the author’s own experience, from the beginning of 2010 the first Shanghai Longfeng work, then get started, and then begin to understand all the parts of the site, and then used to know how to optimize the site of Shanghai dragon, hair the chain, made from the most basic content of all kinds of information from Shanghai dragon, Shanghai looking for love, but after it has been for the Shanghai dragon heart feel helpless, because I believe the vast Shanghai dragon only this, he has a more in-depth, so I study the website structure, for the industry the site also has a certain understanding. But from that time until now, if you look at the future of Shanghai dragon, what would you see? The following is my own summary of the

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