Comparison of themselves in the course of several chain construction site optimization analysis

submission, stationmaster net soft. First see chart is shown in the author’s recent journal articles, it can be seen from the figure that the article has been reproduced many of the platform, the author also retains its copyright information in this article, with the help of stationmaster net transfer platform we thank all respect for copyright, thank you for the soft hard work of the author’s recognition and support. Then the author will analyze the stationmaster net soft contribute to highlight the point of ascension website weight in the block. First of all, can effectively improve the chain widely degree. In general we chain release, a forum for example often our release platform is very monotonous, such as 28tui, tui18, the laggards and so on, although its weight is relatively high, but the connection form is single, there is a summary of the chain from the three forum, the author thinks that the construction of outside chain ten stations each station would give you a connection to a station issued dozens of connection, because the love of Shanghai is most concerned about the nature and recommended. The higher the widespread nature is more likely to be recognized and to calculate the weight of love in Shanghai. Obviously, stationmaster net soft contribute to effectively compensate for the shortcomings of a single chain too. Secondly, after the chain of soft Wen submitting reprint rights is more important than the forum page weight high post. As everyone knows the chain the core point is to judge the quality of voting rights, most generally a lot of soft platform is reproduced the webmaster platform, and the analysis of these platforms are mostly local portals, or industry portal site, the number of reading and browsing is much higher than that of the forum, because forums is very large, even very valuable articles, will be in a very short period of time by the new posts flooded, its durability is far less than the portal news site, so the voting rights and the value after the site of the industry and the news source of the voting rights obviously than reproduced forum. Finally, the soft article submission can effectively enhance the brand value and the influence of shaping the personal website. Mainly because stationmaster net flow is very large, soft, once after the audit, the audience is very much, if unremittingly to contribute, whether it is shaping for the value of the site or for their personal brand promotion is be of great advantage, because often write, any industry has a mixed > "

as everyone knows, the website optimization process of website content optimization and the construction of the chain may occupy a large part of our daily workload, especially for small and medium enterprises, keyword ranking is often the most core concern for business owners and managers, in this case how to quickly improve website weight and keywords ranking is many enterprises in Shanghai Longfeng station Er had to face the problem, because only after the enterprise station to get good weight and ranks, just have the capital to do the long tail, to do a lot of value flow, and the high quality of the chain construction for small and medium enterprises station, is to enhance the weight of the most direct and powerful way. Good gossip short continued, today I share is in the process of their site outside the chain operation, analysis of the construction of the chain of ideas.

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