How to let the black chain flying site was linked to the black chain

so many links are not displayed on the page, it got me thinking. I think there must be other documents for their services, into my template file, a careful analysis of the code, found that there are three files for this link service code. (they are bases.js, copyri.js, you.php). Using FTP to the three files downloaded a closer look, feel very good.

then I open the web site home page and the content page check, and did not find these links, like all normal, or check the source code, only the source files that can best illustrate the problem. The fox’s tail was discovered at the bottom of the document. These links like a plaster like disgusting.

first bases.js code is: document.writeln (" < script; language=" javascript" type=" text/javascript" src=" /include/you.php" > < /script; > "), apparently by JS code called /include/you.php, that is to say this code not what the actual effect is to really hidden funny file you.php.

open the you.php so I was very confused. In Dreamweaver, a blank, what is not ah, this is not possible, wondering while unconscious scrolling the mouse wheel, casual movements gave me great discovery, there is a line of code in 97 lines: document.writeln (‘< DIV class=" link_td& quot; id=ddl_9 style=" DISPLAY: none" > ‘) then I see light suddenly, this sentence is "arch-criminal," with the JS script to link to hidden. Do Shanghai dragon knows, search engines cannot resolve < script; > < /script > in the script, so the link for direct access to the users is not to see, but the search engine is a regular real link. Personal feeling >

Why is

today and a netizen exchange Links, read by the way of the template file, when when the bottom of the feeling is not normal, there is a part of the code derived a lot of links, and the anchor text is different with a web site (pictured), because my website template is my own copy. The first is the feeling of my website was "pollution", may be linked to the black chain in the legend.

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